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About Red Bird

Red Bird Catering is founded upon Mina Soliman’s 20 years of expertise in the New York City hospitality industry. Mina has spent 10 years working in the catering and event industry and 15 years in the fashion industries, Mina brings a unique vision to the world of event catering. Her creative eye and richly diverse cultural background make the events produced by Red Bird exquisitely beautiful for all the senses. 

Mina’s passion for food comes from her Ethiopian and Sardinian descent. Her belief is that gatherings centered around food can be a form of storytelling in itself. Gathering with others over a beautiful meal created with intention sets the stage for lasting connections, friendships, or perhaps a singular moment that will become a loved memory. Travel is a passion of Mina’s and is a way for her to collect inspiration that she channels into her work for Red Bird. From the cultural tastes and smells of Morocco to the style and design of Scandinavia, Mina’s diverse cultural knowledge allows for each Red Bird event to be unique and one of a kind. 

There should be beauty in everything we do, from what we taste, what we smell, what we look at in our homes and the experiences we create. Mina and her team bring all of this together for each Red Bird event; the honest food, the stunning presentation, and energy of the space itself all transform the event into an authentic and gorgeous sensory experience.

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